Artificial Grass Pool & Patio Areas

Artificial Grass Turf for Pool and Patio

Artificial Grass for your Pool and Patio Area in  the East Bay area, Contra Costa County, Walnut Creek, Pittsburgh, Danville, or Concord

If you have a pool or a patio in the Sacramento area, the East Bay area, Contra Costa County, Walnut Creek, Pittsburgh, Danville, or Concord, you know how expensive water is because of the drought and how important it is to be responsible about the way you use water. You also probably know what a fight it is to keep your grass alive, especially around a swimming pool. The chlorine dries up your grass like crazy, and there is nothing more unattractive than a bunch of dead grass around your swimming pool.

Benefits of Artificial Grass around your Pool and Patio

  • No Dead Spots in Grass from Pool Water
  • No Holes from Dead Water Spots
  • Easy Draining for Pool Water
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Puddles Creating Dead Spots
  • Safe and pesticide Free!
  • Looks Real
  • Feels Real

High quality Artificial Grass at Affordable Prices

Residential artificial grass can solve all your lawn problems around your pool and patio areas. At Artificial Grass and Turf, we provide high quality artificial grass at affordable prices throughout the East Bay area. You can enjoy beautiful grass around your pool and patio area without ever having to worry about drought or chlorine again!

Artificial grass is practically maintenance free. You will gain back hours every week just from not having to mow it. You’ll save hundreds and hundreds of dollars from not watering it. And you won’t be releasing carbon emissions into the air because you won’t be running an energy-inefficient lawnmower. In short, using artificial grass can reduce your lawn’s carbon footprint to nearly zero.

Artificial grass makes time outside more

Pools are fantastic but it is definitely a downer when the water that you slosh out while playing turns the grass around your pool or patio into a bunch of soupy mud. With residential artificial grass, there is no mud at the bottom of the grass – just efficient drainage under the infill and the perforated plastic base. Kids can jump in and out of the pool and run soaking wet over your yard to their heart’s content and they will never tear up the grass or make it muddy again.

Artificial grass doesn’t just keep things clean. It also keeps things dry. Our artificial grass here at Artificial Grass and Turf can handle an absolutely massive amount of water drainage, up to 40 inches per hour! Considering that there is practically no way that much water will ever be pouring onto your lawn, this means that your artificial grass is going to be dry just about as fast as the water can evaporate off the tops of the blades of grass, because there will be no water standing at the bottom.

Your East Bay area patio and pool can be a haven and an amazing place to play and enjoy the outdoors, and you don’t even have to spend water or time taking care of it! Our artificial grass is completely safe, as it is made in the USA out of the same plastic that milk cartons are made out of. You can feel good about your water bill, your family, and the planet with artificial grass from Artificial Grass and Turf.

Top 3 PACE Programs  for Funding

  1. CaliforniaFIRST
  2. Ygrene Energy Fund
  3. HERO

There are several programs currently in place that make it more affordable to switch to artificial grass: the HERO program, the PACE program, the YGRENE program, and the CaliforniaFIRST program. These programs offer 100% financing on residential artificial turf and other resource-saving upgrades, and they also offer rebates that can cover up to 100% of the cost of installing artificial grass. Give Artificial Grass and Turf a call today to find out how you qualify for these programs and how you can save money switching to artificial grass.

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