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Artificial Grass Turf - HOA

Reduce Water Bills and Enhance the Whole Neighborhood with Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf

Home Owners Associations, or HOAs, perform a vital and often unappreciated task: the task of making sure the neighborhood looks nice and that the property values remain high. Everyone likes living in a nice neighborhood, but nobody likes being told that they need to mow or water their lawn immediately or they will be fined.

Artificial turf is the ideal solution to the struggle between home owner and home owners association

With commercial artificial turf from Artificial Grass and Turf, the entire block will have nothing but absolutely pristine lawns year-round. The home owners don’t need to do anything at all to maintain them, either! The home owners save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on water that they won’t be using to water their yards, and the HOA gets a neighborhood that looks beautiful, guaranteed!

Artificial grass from Artificial Grass and Turf is perfectly, 100% safe

Many home owners ask us about how safe our commercial artificial grass is. Artificial grass from Artificial Grass and Turf is perfectly, 100% safe. It is completely free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals. In fact, our high quality commercial artificial turf is made from the same kind of plastic that is used to make milk bottles. The manufacturing of the artificial grass is safe as well – it is cut, installed, and designed to be perfectly soft, like natural grass. You do not need to worry about little legs or little paws getting scraped up by our artificial grass!

Commercial artificial grass from Artificial Grass and Turf is the perfect option for any Home Owners Association. It offers beauty, convenience, and massive savings. It is also completely recyclable.

PACE Programs for HOA (Home Owners Associations) in Contra Costa County and Beyond!

Now there are even more ways to save with commercial artificial grass. There are several energy and water efficiency programs that make it easy to afford to replace your lawns with artificial grass in Sacramento, the East Bay area, Contra Costa County, Walnut Creek, Pittsburgh, Danville, and Concord. The PACE Programs for Contra Costa County are CaliforniaFIRST (funding for water efficiency improvements), Ygrene Energy Fund (the leading developer and administrator of clean energy financing programs) and HERO (the #1 energy efficiency financing program in the United States).

These programs all provide financing for energy efficient upgrades such as artificial grass with no money down and no credit check needed to get approved. They also offer rebates that can pay for the cost of installing artificial grass up to 100%. Artificial grass helps the planet, relieves the excessive burden on our water stores, saves homeowners water and time, and helps Home Owners Associations to keep their neighborhoods looking pristine.

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