Artificial Grass for Cats and Dogs

Artificial Grass for Cats and Dogs

Artificial Grass for all your Pets including all your Cats and all your Doggies

If you have pets in the East Bay Area, Sacramento area, in Contra Costa County, or in Walnut Creek, Pittsburgh, Danville, and Concord, you could benefit from putting artificial grass in your yard.

We often have customers ask us whether our artificial grass is good for pets. They are often thinking of the kinds of artificial grass that were available in the past, which were typically rough, hard, and uncomfortable. We don’t blame dogs and cats for not wanting to walk on that stuff!

Artificial grass for Cats and Dogs has come a long way

The fact is, though, that residential artificial grass for pets has come a long way since then. Now only the cheapest and lowest quality artificial grass has that plastic feel or that artificial look. High quality artificial grass, like the grass we offer here at Artificial Grass and Turf, looks and feels completely natural. In fact, it’s better than natural because you don’t have to worry about ant hills, twigs, or any other annoyances that might hurt bare feet or paws.

Pets love our artificial grass here at Artificial Grass and Turf

Owners love it too. Our artificial grass is easy to clean and completely safe for pets and children. All you have to do is pick up solid waste like you would at the park or on a sidewalk, and use a hose to spray down liquid waste. The artificial grass is antibacterial so it is safe to play on as soon as it has been sprayed down with water. The artificial grass base is constructed with perforations for drainage, so you never have to worry about waste or water being caught at the bottom of your grass.

We do not sell artificial grass that has any toxic chemicals or heavy metals in it

Our artificial grass is made of the same kind of plastic that milk bottles are made of. We figure, if it is safe enough for our children to drink milk out of the carton (not straight out of the carton, of course, that’s unsanitary – we advocate the use of cups when consuming milk), it is safe enough for babies and fur babies to play on our grass.

Our residential artificial grass is great for pets in a yard

It keeps them from coming in with their paws all dusty or muddy, since they don’t actually come into contact with any dirt. It makes it easy to clean up the yard and to be confident that the yard is safe for pets and children alike to run and play. And, of course, artificial grass saves you tons of money on your water bill because it does not require any watering or maintenance.

Artificial grass is also great for apartment dwellers with patios

It gives your pets a natural place to enjoy the out of doors and to “do their business.” Our artificial grass is easy to clean up so you don’t need to worry about sanitation. Give your fur babies a comfortable place to put their paws, whether you live in an apartment with a patio or a house with a big yard.

programs to help people afford energy-saving solutions such as artificial grass

PACE Programs for Artificial Grass
PACE Programs for Artificial Grass

You may qualify for the CaliforniaFIRST (funding for water efficiency improvements), Ygrene Energy Fund (the leading developer and administrator of clean energy financing programs) and HERO (the #1 energy efficiency financing program in the United States). You may be able to get your residential artificial grass 100% financed with no money down and no credit check, or you may even be eligible to have all the costs paid off through rebates. Artificial Grass and Turf is a licensed contractor with all of these programs, so give us a call today and let us help you find out what savings you qualify for!

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